Our Services

How do we work with you?

Our US Commercial Escrow Corp. professionals located across New York, have a reputation for trust, fiduciary insight and personalized client service. They follow a disciplined process to customize a solution for your unique needs and family circumstances. They are skilled specialists committed to excellence in their field.


Through our discovery process, we gain a deeper understanding of your specific circumstances to identify what is important to you.

Strategy & solutions

We analyze that information and work with you (and your other advisors), to design a customized strategy with thoughtful and creative solutions tailored to your needs, drawing on our fiduciary expertise.

Ongoing service

Our US Commercial Escrow Corp. agents are always available to provide you updates and guidance throughout the duration of our partnership.

Our Focus

At US Commercial Escrow Corp. our focus is on Property and Asset Management. We are able to handle all aspects of maintaining and improving your asset through fostering strong long-term relationships with tenants, vendors, lenders and you! While we do offer leasing services at our managed properties, we do understand that in some cases we might not be the best agent for your location so we will work hard to put you in front of the right team.

We will handle all the stressors that come with your commercial investments including but not limited to the following:

  • Buying and selling of commercial assets.
  • Everything from due diligence services and income/expense evaluation prior to acquisition to marketing and budgeting for value-add opportunities.
  • Leasing and contract negotiations.
  • Handling all property and tenant maintenance, rent collection, account receivable and accounts payable, owner and tenant correspondence and lease calls.
  • Weekly and monthly property inspections.
  • Design consultation, re-development, construction and tenant improvement oversight.
  • Coordination and oversight of property vendors.
  • Handling all bank accounting and setup, sales tax applications and reporting, as well as, compliance with all governing bodies.
  • Lender compliance and re-finance.
  • Risk management and minimization.